Thursday, May 6, 2010

UK Election update

Ah, now as you can see I've taken a nice long break from writing. Actually I've moved this blog to another site. In any case just thought I'd log on here to see if there were any comments over the last year that I didn't respond to!

I'm currently in the UK and the election vibe is certainly on. Well, I think more people are looking forward to the afterparty this evening than the actual voting! If you have had any difficulty deciding who to vote for I think it's probably best you check out this South Africa news blog's latest cartoon post. The UK election jokes are a hoot and give a summary of each and every political party and their stance in comic format - very cool!

I just hope that people actually vote this year - if voter apathy is high at this point in the UK economy, then I don't know if they can ever be stimulated enough to get to the polls. This election is critical for the Brits for more reasons than just economic.

As for me, you will have noticed that I am no longer making Bollywood Nights cartoons. My day journalism job is keeping me fully occupied for now. I hope to start again soon though ... can't promise when but will keep you posted. Right now, I'm just enjoying my temporary stint in the UK but already looking forward to going back to India!

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