Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cricket World Cup victory sweeps Bollywood

India's victory over Sri Lanka in the cricket world cup last week has brought a sense of euphoria over the country. And not just the masses - even Bollywood celebrities have been tweeting and commentating on tv channels like NDTV over the last couple of days.

Even Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, said he believed that there is no greater unifier in the country than cinema and cricket.

His recent blog post from yesterday stated:

"A prominent author and thinker on a public platform admitted that sport and film were the two most fertile ingredients in bringing a nation together. Nothing could be truer. They always were and shall always be, a unifier." ... The Big B

Celebrities around India including the 68-year-old megastar, sent congratulatory messages to Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian team. Along with other Bollywood celebs, the took to the streets of Mumbai on Saturday night to celebrate after the epic victory.

Some of the famous tweets during the 2011 Cricket World Cup by celebs:

Amitabh Bachchan:
INDIA beats PAKISTAN !!! Moves into the final with SriLanka .. India breathes normally now..

Vivek Oberoi:
Wow! What a victory Fans are stopping cars and dancing on the streets! It's bhangra time baby!!!! Burrrrraaaaahhhhh!!!! Chak de! Fans in chandigarh going crazy!!! Mad celebrations on the roads!!!

Bipasha Basu:
Hey al!Am in Orrcha in MP fr d shoot of my film Singularity!Yesterday d match ws simply AWESOME!Now nothin wil stop us frm getting the Cup!

Mallika Sherawat:
I can't believe I wasn't in Mother India when her boys won!! How crazy was it?? Jai Hind!!! :-)

Preity Zinta:
What a game! It was a pleasure 2 see the crowd at Mohali stadium come alive & cheer 4 India. Go India ! Sachin U rock :-) Ting !

Shahid Kapoor:
This is how we do it baby!!!!!! THAT was the match!!!!!!!! Yeah baby...

Shilpa Shetty:
Felt bad fr Afridi tho,his reaction after the last ball, well played by Riaz too...Hard luck, but Respect:) INDIA WON..n I cried!:)tears of joy!Class act by the indian team,aggression with maturity,lethal combo!Deserve 2 b in the Finals,fab job:)

Priyanka Chopra:
Well played Pakistan. You guys are formidable opponents. Be proud of what you've achieved this world cup. Oh my god! What a show of class Team India! The world cup awaits you in Mumbai! Can you hear the unified sound of pure joy.. Indiiiiiiiaaaa

The atmosphere in Mumbai is still quite electric and one shudders to think how sad the moment would have been had the Indian team not delivered for their country on Saturday. Surprisingly though, early reports have it that the Indian bookmakers made somewhat of a windfall as most bet on cricket world cup were actually in favour of Sri Lanka! Just goes to show that online gambling in India attracts quite a superstitious bunch, doesn't it!

One hopes that this positive momentum for the Indian Cricket team continues after the departure of coach Gary Kirsten after the tournament. Given the comments of players on the squad he will surely be missed.

Finally, congrats to Sachin Tendulkar for finally collecting the World Cup - the final missing accolade from his impressive cricketing shelf. After six appearances in the tournament over the last couple of decades, he deserves it!

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